Friday, 22 October 2010

London you are wonderful

It has been just oh so long since I have last posted anything of value. Alas I fear this may be bacause I have been caught up in the delight that is London.

The cold has set in, I fear that my little Australian bones will not be able to cope. I must however soldier on and enjoy all that this crazy wonderful city has to offer.

With luck this weekend will have a lot of London instore. Fresh flowers, fresh food, and a fresh new look at London, Paris and New York.
The Columbia Road Flower Markets have been on the agenda for quite some time, so fially I get a chance to check them out. I have only heard amazing things about these markets, so I am sure they will impress.

Saf in Shoreditch intrigues me... it's a vegan raw food restuarnt (oh how Sex and the Cit of you). Saf uses a variety of unique preparation techniques, to prepare dishes cooked below 48°C to preserve optimum nutrition and flavour. Saf’s plant-based, botanical concept has been created by internationally renowned chef Chad Sarno. A full report will follow, including a run down on wheter or not there was a remarkably good looking actor - turn waiter - turn sex symbol servicing our table.

Looking for Festivals or something arty to entertain... the 10th Annual East London Photography Festival is now on. One exhibition that tickles my fancy is the London Paris New York show featuring work by Paul Baldesare, John Benton-Harris, Peter Marshall. This cutting edge exhibition of new work promises shots from three photographers, three major world cities and three decades!

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