Monday, 11 July 2011

Happy birthday little birdie

Yesterday was Blushing Birdcages' first birthday. To celebrate we went for cupcakes at Brick Lane. Photos after words...

I know it seems indulgent to devote an entire blog post to cakes, but these are likely to be the best cupcakes you will ever eat (that's right, I said it). Kooky Cakes frequent the Sunday Up Market at Brick Lane right at the end of the car park eatery stretch. Each cake is 'kookier' then the one before, rolling cookies, cupcakes, slices, biscuits and whoopie pies into one great big barrel of joy for a sweet tooth like mine. I suggest you go there, now. Or next Sunday. Buy a cupcake, I don't want to ruin the surprise but expect oozy fruity jammy goodness to run out the middle and icing that actually taste like fruit.

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