Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Salvation Jane: the newest addition to the Aussie brunch club

Being one of the many Australian expats living in London I feel I can often be a breakfast and coffee snob. This sentiment based entirely on having been spoilt with good coffee and creative and innovative breakfast menus from all across my sparse homeland.

That said, London is becoming a strong competitor but is still in need of more good coffee and breakfasts that aren't a variation of a british fry up. And so it seems my fellow antipedians agree, Australian and Kiwi owned and run restaurants are popping up left, right and centre. Thankfully, most recently the big sister of one of my personal favs Lantana in Fitzrovia finds home in Shoreditch.

Salvation Jane is a lot bigger than Lantana, and boasts a far sexier and stylish interior. The menu is similar in it's creativity, exciting me to see my favourite pork belly beans alongside new offers such as smoked haddock hash cakes. After we dove right into a flat white, we ordered. Sauteed mixed mushrooms on grain toast with poached eggs and lemon herb feta, Smoked haddock hashcakes w fresh spinach, poached eggs and dill mayo, and for myself - the girl who can never make a decision - a bit of everything with scrambled eggs on sourdough toast with a side of the beans, streaky bacon and roasted mushrooms.

Stealing a mouthful of the haddock hash was wonderful, the fish was super chunky and the creamy and runny poached eggs and dill complimented them nicely. The mushrooms from the mixed sauteed dish and also in my own side were amazing. They were soft, flavorsome, cooked beyond perfection and dusted with the slightest touch of sea salt. A highlight of the meal for me.

I think aside from the creativity, option of vegimite and impeccable quality of food at both Salvation Jane and Lantana, what impresses me most is the selection. Riding Horse Cafe and similar trending breakfast spots seem to always sport the same options, but these Aussie run establishments are really out to impress. And for every indecisive eater like myself, there are more than enough options to design your own ideal brunch.

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