Tuesday, 22 January 2013

New York restaurant recommendation: Katz's Deli

Katz's Deli is my number one foodie recommendation in New York City, and well worth the visit to the East Village.

You arrive to the manic deli and are given a small pink ticket that you are advised to hold on to with your life as it is necessary for paying your bill. Don't lose it, basically. There are two options, wait for a table where a waiter will take your order, or line up at the take away counters and shuffle through the canteen style arrangement until you have everything you could want wrapped up in your brown paper bag. However exciting it is watching the guys heap sauerkraut onto hotdogs and salt beef sandwiches, we thought it would be a whole lot easier and neater to join the queue and wait for a table. While waiting for a table the feast for your eyes that is this place unfolds in front of you. Rammed from wall to wall, the tables are full of people feasting on the biggest sandwiches you've ever seen.

I highly recommend the massive Ruben salt beef sandwich and traditional Jewish matzo ball soup.

Ruben - number one recommendation

Matzo ball soup

Kugel - great for dessert

Chicken noodle soup

Pastrami on rye

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