Sunday, 14 July 2013

Patty and Bun: a great pair

The list of trendy burger places in London is growing steadily which often makes it hard to differentiate the MeatLiquors to the Shake Shacks and Honests around town.

Patty and Bun stands out from its contemporaries. The menu is  just creative enough, offering a nice variety in style with the Smokey Robinson, Lambshank Redemption and Hot Chick chicken burger all offering something completely different.

The burgers are cooked perfectly and the additions to each burger, be it chilli, coriander salsa or buttermilk fried courgette and pickled aubergine add an exciting dimension to the classic burger.

The beef and lamb burgers are perfect, the patties are well rested before the hit the bun, a difference that is noticeable when compared to MeatMarket. For me however, the favourite is the buttermilk fried chicken burger. The chicken thigh is moist and batter is crunchy. The pickled chilli adds an acidic bite, all and all it's a delight in my mouth!

Patty and Bun is trendy, light and airy and the waiters won't rush you through to turn your table around in an hour. I'm definitely going to make it my regular burger joint.

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