Friday, 27 August 2010

A Little London Festival: Wireless

Another role of film processed and printed, I am excited to find on this one snaps from Wireless Festival. Yes the Fest has been and gone (long gone) for 2010, nethertheless it's worth a post.

It was the day two line-up featuring the likes of LCD Soundsystem, Missy Elliot, 2ManyDJs and Snoop Dogg that saw us flock to Hyde Park for this Festival. The day was hot and the vibe was chilled, that drinking cider in the sun in the middle of London kind of chilled, but for a festival, patrons just didn't seem to have that pinging excitement about them. This did however change as the day went on, we saw crowds gather and part around the main stage many times throughout.

Hip-hop heavyweight Snoop Dogg attracted one of the biggest crowds of the day. You didn't need to be the man's biggest fan to enjoy this set as Snoop reminded us all why he is one of the genre's premiere stars. It's disappointing to say the same could not be said for Missy Elliot. You could tell the crowd wanted her, she didn't want the crowd. Arriving half an hour late, thrashing the songs that made her name in a mash up of bad samplings from her Under Construction album as she jumped frivously around the crowd. Where was the performance and why wouldn't she just give us the chance to dance to Gossip Folk or Pass the Dutch (which did not make even the shortest appearance in her set)?

Not getting a chance to visit the smaller stages, but wishing I had caught Jamie Lidell, Lisa Mitchell and New Young Pony Club, the unexpected favourite acts of the day came from The Big Pink and Example. It's catching something new, being excited by something unexpected and mixing it with the big names that makes a good summer music festival.

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