Tuesday, 17 August 2010

oh comely

Further to my previous post, I would like to welcome you to the UK, where Frankie is not distributed and a brand new bouncing baby is set to fill her shoes. oh comely, a London based magazine has recently circulated it's first issue through the cobble-stoned streets of the United Kingdom. This creative and quirky magazine offers the same charms as Frankie, dishes up very similar content and even mirrors the design layout.

When I first spotted a copy I was ecstatic, when I first purchased a copy I was unsure, when I fist read a copy I was convinced (well, almost). Was this teething toddler new and creative, or something we've seen before? It is a dangerous dance taking inspiration from those who do what they do oh so well, oh comely you have big shoes to fill. Nethertheless I have not dismissed you just yet. The oh comely blog is cheery and fantastic with local offerings - a must read, I trust in time the magazine will follow. Let's all give this magazine a chance to grow, the little muffin certainly has potential.

You can purchase a copy online, issue two was due to be distributed early this month so go hunt it down!

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