Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Black Swan... of the film kind

It has been a while since I have a) seen a decent film and b) shared what I have been watching with you.

I went to see Black Swan the other week, with the ever so delightful Lizzy. Friday night girls date style. To start off with a nice clean round up of what I thought... Not what I expected, crazy as hell and so damn good! Any movie, no matter how silly the story line, that leaves your heart pounding and a little shaken up must be good.

Natalie Portman is beyond outstanding and ever so deserving of those Academy Awarda noms, even if only to praise her ballet dancing, as a result of some serious commitment to the role. Mila Kunis was surprising, and spectacular in bringing the perfect amount of her very own 'girl next door, tom boy' style to her character.

The perfect amount of freaky, can't bare to watch stomach churning gore, stunning cinematic sequences that resembled the elegance of old film, the ever so subtle original Swan Lake musical score to build dramatic effect, perfect costumes and mind blowing toe pointing and pirouettes proves Black Swan has it all.

Although, I know many will argue my opinion based on the cheese factor of the 'predictable' story line, I say without hesitation that when walking into the cinema knowing you are in for a scarily new take on the age old tale (you can't blame anyone for ruining the ending), Black Swan leaves no disappointments.

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  1. reading your review.. could it be that the two main characters were literally the black and white swan, and at the same time playing those roles for their ballet. hmm the thought is ever so head spinning