Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Whip It!

So.. by now we will have all seen 'Whip It', that awesomely cool film starring Ellen Page, directed by Drew Barrymore about the bizarre but insanely cool sport where girls in rollerskates inflict physical pain on each other while in fishnet stockings, coloured knickers and not much more - Roller Derby. Well I headed out to Bethnal Green on Saturday to check out the real deal. Given my excitement over that movie, you can imagine my reaction when I was invited by the lovely Amy to go check it out.

The London Rockin' Rollers Grand Final was last saturday, and let me tell you those girls are tough - torn fishnets, black eyeliner and all.

With two minutes to go in the second half (fans will have to excuse my lack of technical knowledge of the game here) our knuckles where white and our voices were hoarse as we hung over the railing to catch those last moments of an extremely close game! The team we were barracking for (purple and green) won, which was obviously a good thing but getting that intense and enthusiastic about a game we didn't know the basic rules of prior to attending was probably the most exciting thing about the evening.

Bring on the next match I say... this game will make a sports fan out of me yet.

Ellen Page

London Rockin' Rollers

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