Thursday, 6 September 2012

What it says on the tin: Burger & Lobster

Burger & Lobster indulgently offers but three things on it's menu: whole lobster, beef burger and what is essentially a lobster burger. Despite my review being so brief, the hype that has surrounded B&L for what must be going on a year is completely warranted. Quite simply B&L delivers well cooked, tasty, quick and affordable lobster (and a burger that also looks good).

There is the inclination that you're getting best value for money with the whole lobster. With a side salad and fries it's an easy choice for £20. The lobster is fresh out of the tank in front of you and comes steamed or grilled. Our lobster was cooked well. That said my only criticism is that for a restaurant that sets out to do only one thing they should do it impeccably well. The lobsters that came out for the diners next to us were far too charcoal verging on what looked to be inedible. Had one of those landed in front of me I would have sent it back - something I never do.

The lobster roll is more an exciting offer. What appears to be a whole lobster is chopped, dressed in Japanese mayonnaise and chives and stuffed into an intensely buttery brioche roll. It may look small, but once you take the first bite you soon realise it's not only overwhelmingly rich but also overwhelmingly filling.

Both the lobster and roll come with a garlic butter, which if your arteries can bare to endure is delicious. As are the thin cut fries and sentiment of a salad.

There is a reason people are still raving about Burger and Lobster. It is what it is. You should go, and go with the confidence that you'll be getting a lot of good, fresh seafood that would cost more elsewhere.

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  1. I'm glad you were honest about this. It feels like every time a fad restaurant pops up people just shower it with too much praise. That being said, Burger and Lobster is definitely next on my list of places to check out for the sole purpose that a whole lobster meal for £20 is too much to pass up!