Monday, 4 February 2013

About time we went to Bob Bob Ricard

I fell in love on my first visit to Bob Bob Ricard, with it's grandeur, it's art deco and art neavou interior and it's super lux Champaign on demand button.

I can firmly say the Russian and Eastern European with an American flare cuisine that Bob Bob plates up is authentic and delicious. The dishes were rich, flavorsome, and for what is traditionally a very stodgy and full fat style of cooking, everything we ate at Bob Bob tasted expensive. The tartares, both venison and tuna were divine, I recommend these for a melt in your mouth experience, but perhaps even more exciting were the soufflĂ© desserts.

As the vodka continued the flow, and the dishes continued to wow us, we easily decided Bob Bob Ricard was a new favourite in Soho.

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