Saturday, 2 February 2013

Cuzco, Peru restaurant recommendation: Fallen Angel

We visited Fallen Angel in Cuzco on a recommendation from a friend of a friend, but this quirky, stylish and at times plain mental restaurant exceeded all our expectations.

The decor is out of this world. You step off the hectic streets of Peru into a weird haven of the bizarre. The walls are sky blue with fluffy white clouds. The tables are bath tubs filled with gold fish and as you walk for room to room you stumble further into this mad world.

The menu matches the theme and there are an array if creative cocktails. The steak menu is astonishing and offers quality cuts of meat with a concoction of unusual accompaniments and sauces. I wanted to try all of them however on this occasion we went for 'Jungle Juice'. What was delivered in front of me was not only the most perfectly cooked medium rare piece of steak but also an unusual and delicious collaboration of banana and jungle fruit flavours.

Fallen Angel is expensive for Peru, but still the cheapest meal of this quality I think you would pay anywhere in the world.

My recommendation: if you order anything other then the steak you're mad. The jungle juice or balsamic sauces are fantastic, as is the vegetable stack and potato dauphinois sides.

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