Sunday, 10 February 2013

Bone Daddies

London has done a full circle when it comes to asian street food, specifically ramen. Although this craze feels like the newest, hottest thing lets remember a handful of years ago, before the burger vans, pulled pork, American fast food and small plates craze there was the Asian street food trend steer-head by Wagamamas (of all places!). Wagamamas may now be just another chain restaurant, but ramen is back in full swing in a number of indipendent restaurants popping up around London.

Bone Daddies has just joined Soho's gastronomic scene and is gathering queues for what I can claim is the best ramen I have had in London. The menu offers 8 different kinds of ramen, a variety that its neighbour Tonkotsu lacks. I went for the Tantanmen, which was fragrant, smokey, and almost coconutty. Absolutely delicious! 

With excellent ramen and a good selection of starters and sides I will certainly be back to Bone Daddies.

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