Thursday, 15 July 2010

Ben, Jerry and Sainsbury's Vs Madolyn

I strongly believe the global beast that is the Ben & Jerry's corporation have teamed up with Sainsbury's supermarkets and declared war against me. Why do Ben and his partner in crime Jerry create ice cream that is so damn moorish you can't possible stop at one scoop and why do Sainsbury's always seem to sell the ice cream as buy one get one free.

Have you ever wanted to know what happened to Nestle Rolos. Turns out Ben stole them one day and Jerry came up with the brilliant idea that they hide the evidence in their chunky caramel swirl ice cream.

Death by sugar now...

It seems there is a blogger who shares my love of B&J. SuperFineFeling has written a darling post about the chunky range... mmmmm chunkycheck it out!

Image by the Ben & Jerry's promotions office.

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