Tuesday, 13 July 2010

My ♥ is a marshmallow

One of my favourite blogs, Lucky Pony, pointed me to a site today that may in actual fact destroy me. I have a sweets addiction, and I mean addiction! Picture me hanging out in a dark alley with Pete Doherty and cocaine addicts alike, now replace the cocaine with dark chocolate baked cheesecake! It's not pretty, I promise you.

I tried to kick my sweets addiction the other week. I found myself on the edge, looking down into the abyss. I eventually resorted to banana and peanut butter on toast providing the fix that saved me from resorting to picking the sugar residue out from under my finger nails. Eww, enough of that because today I found heaven...

I am pleased to share with you Bakerella.com!!!! How amazing does this banana pudding look (and it ain't banana on toast)!

I also just found this amazing s'morey cupcake goodness! It's got cupcake, it's got marshmallow, it's got hot oozing chocolate. I need to leave this site, it is actually becoming dangerous.

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