Sunday, 11 July 2010

We'll Always Have [Casablanca]

My most recent adventure saw a spontaneous trip to Morocco which has unquestionably seduced me into a new love affair.

Getting lost at night in the maze of streets with only the smells of spices, the crowds of people and snake charmers to guide you through leaves you beaming with a giddy child-like excitement. The wit and charm of the locals puts a smile on your face offering an invitation for playful exchange of jokes and banter. Full day hikes, scaling African cliff faces and tip-toeing over rickety bridges offer the magical reward of swimming under amazing waterfalls. Bumpy and smelly camel rides guarantee everyone’s favourite holiday happy snaps. Riffling through the assortment of leather bags, jewelry, cosmetics and oils will see you haggle your heart out until you walk away with a tacky “I heart Marrakech” t-shirt you didn’t even want and a great story to tell.

Ahhh, the culture, the craziness, the charisma… "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship".

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