Monday, 25 March 2013

Bone Daddies Again

It's extremely unlike me to blog about a restaurant twice, especially without a dramatic change to style or menu, however after visiting Bone Daddies again, and again I find myself here singing its praises, well, again.

This time I went with the boyf, although I toyed with the idea of trying the 'special', something that sounded incredible filled with seafood and kimchi, I had been experiencing cravings for the spicy, nutty, meaty Tantanmen all week. It was as good, if not better then I remembered it. The broth was thick and packed with flavour, the pork, peanuts and spice all shining through. The pork was cooked to perfection, and mince added nice texture and weight. The bamboo and pak choi, although more a gesture of vegetables created some contrast and cut through the thick, creamy broth.

Will went for the Tonkotsu. Although also delicious, he did experience slight food envy over the massive flavour explosion of my Tantanmen.

The ramen was consistently amazing, my mouth already wants more, however the dish most worth of praise on this visit to Bone Daddies were the sweet and spicy pork bones. These were the BEST ribs I have ever eaten. Dripping in sauce I wanted to roll in, these bones were meaty as apposed to fatty and spicy without making your eyes water. Currently featured on the specials board I can only hope they become a permanent fixture.

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