Monday, 18 March 2013

The Bucket List Update

Since posting my London Foodie Bucket List almost a year ago I have been working my way through it like a woman on a mission, and can honstly say I've nearly finished the list. Most places I have posted about indipendently, however I have had a long list of restaurants on my 'to do' list for some time.

Wild Honey

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We went to Wild Honey for my lovely boyfriend's birthday last September. The booking was actually made on his request, which I am glad about because admitidely I would have kept pushing it down my list otherwise.

I can honestly say this was one of my favourite meals of 2012. I ordered the duck foie gras terrine to start followed by the bouillabaisse. William had the pork belly starter followed by the lamb with vegetables and dauphinois potatos. Although each sounds relatively simple what was delivered to us was not only two beautiful crafted meals served up over a number of individual stunningly attractive dishes, but also dishes that were rich and warming in flavour. Every mouthful we ate at Wild Honey was a joy to take.


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We visited Yauatcha randomly while out one night in Soho. I think this is the best way to go; no hype, no anticipation, just rock up and pay a little more than you want to on a large selection of dim sum.

Don't get me wrong the dim sum at Yauatcha is nice and I thoroughly enjoyed my evening, but to me it was a little over manufactured like they type of food you get at Ping Pong. We ordered a selection of what sounded like the more exciting dumplings and dim sum bits, however regretfully nothing was memorable enough to stick in my mind. Each of the dumplings we did have were packed full of filling and there certainly wasn't a shortage of crab meat or char siu pork. The restaurant and bar are cool, the clientele usually in suits are fine to dine next to however there really is nothing special to me about Yauatcha. I would go again for a quick bite when I get a dim sum craving, however I wouldn't make it a special occasion.

Pitt Cue Co

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I first visited Pitt Cue Co in its pop up meat van on the soutbank and was pleased to see that it's incarnation in its permanent soho spot it just as good. The pulled pork from Pitt Cue Co is still delicious with its smoky BBQ flavours. Old favourites like the ribs and pickled slaw are still on the menu and still just as good.

The Soho location is fast, affordable and is still of the same excellent meaty quality that made PCC famous.

The Riding House Cafe

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The Riding House Cafe is a very cool place, and it's location lends its self perfectly for accessibility for any meal.

I visited for a business lunch with a large group of colleagues. We were seated quickly. The wait staff were courteous and friendly, yet let us be to 'talk shop' before taking our orders. I was hungry, but I could tell my superiors appreciated it.

I ordered the smoked haddock kedgeree, it was delicious. The curry flavours were strong but did not over power the smokiness of the haddock. The soft eggs were a nice touch and added creaminess to the disk. I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch at Riding House, and hope to go back soon with a group of people it would be more appropriate to try more of the menu with.

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  1. I did not know you went to PCC!.. I want to go